Alan Cave assaulted by HMI promoter and producer Carlito Corvil

Alan Cave assaulted by HMI promoter and producer Carlito Corvil

Here is a picture of haitian super star, Alan Cave. In February, 2015 he was assaulted by Carlito Corvil

The outpouring of support for the Caves and disgrace at Corvil has been many and vocal. Atis Tet Asanm (United Artists) has issued a statement saying that they will not put up with violence being inflicted upon a member of the Haitian music industry. The informal group said they would challenge this and all forms of aggression against their community. The statement, issued the day after the brutal assault, was signed by the group's members, which includes acts such as Djakout #1, Carimi, Kreyol La, T-Vice and others.

The altercation is said to have come about after a performance given by Cave for the promoter. It is said that an inebriated Cave was upset about not being fully paid and at some point pushed Carlito in frustration. From that, the tension escalated with Carlito punching Cave to the ground, after which Corvil's son proceeded to kick Cave while he was down. The members of the Haitian music fraternity seem particularly incensed because the promoter is infamous for not fully paying musicians after they have performed. Cave has since filed an official police report about the matter.

The Haitian music fraternity in the United States and the rest of the diaspora have reached out in outrage to the family of singer Alan Cave, cousin of Carimi band leader Richard Cave, who was brutally assaulted on Saturday, February 28 after an altercation with producer and HMI promoter Carlito Corvil. From the assault, in which he was reportedly kicked multiple times, Cave sustained several injuries and had to be taken to a local hospital for treatment.

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