Anthony Bennett (Ti Tony) candidacy approved by BCEN

Anthony Bennett (Ti Tony) candidacy approved by BCEN

Here is a picture of the Haitian-American Anthony 'Ti Tony' Bennett who informed the public that his candidacy for president was approved by Haiti electoral council (BCEN). This information has not been confirmed by any other person or institution. The amended Haiti Constitutional make Anthony Bennett a Haitian national by origin.

Tony Bennett says PEC has approved his Candidacy

Haitian-American Tony Bennett has had his candidacy for the Haitian presidency approved by the Electoral Council. A controversy exists though as to whether he can legally hold the office.

His lawyers' interpretations of Constitutional amendments, they claim, allow him to seek office even though he is not Haitian by origin. Rather he ". . . possesses Haitian nationality by origin . . .", in contradistinction "to be Haitian by origin."

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