Demonstration of Haitian belief in Little Haiti for Easter

Demonstration of Haitian belief in Little Haiti for Easter

Here is a picture where thousands of Catholic Haitians took to the streets of Little Haiti during Easter season.

Haitian Easter Celebration & Easter Around The World

In Cuba, the Cuban Christians, in spite of their communist ideology, are far freer to practice their religious faiths. The majority of Cubans are Roman Catholic and about five percent of Cubans are Protestants. There are many churches in Cuba, but you wouldn't see any Easter displays anywhere. It is celebrated in a less publicized way. They call the holiday "Pasqua"(not as Easter), the Spanish word for Passover-- the celebrations are private and faith driven. Most of the believers visit a hilltop near Havana, where the church goes up to celebrate Easter sunrise service.

In Haiti, it is celebrated with a mixture of Catholic and Voodoo traditions. Faith plays a great role in Haitian life. They look to God for every need. The Holy Week is marked by colorful parades and traditional "rara" music is played on bamboo trumpets, maracas, drums and even on coffee cans; the celebration is marked by drumming, chanting and animal sacrifices. They paint their walls and cars in bright colors with the inscription 'merci Jesus!.

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