Francois Hollande in Haiti protesters demand reparations

Francois Hollande in Haiti protesters demand reparations

Here is a picture of some group of Haitian protesters demanding reparations during a visit of Francois Hollande in in Haiti.

When Hollande and Martelly arrived at Champ de Mars to honor heroes of the Haitian revolution with a wreath-laying, 200 demonstrators came to voice their opinions on France's part in ruining Haiti's economy. Until the mid-20th century Haiti labored to retire the debt, but $77 million was still owing. France forgave the balance after Haiti's 2010 earthquake.

Haiti is not France's only victim of blackmail. But Martelly understands if France pays reparations to Haiti, France would be pressured to recompense other countries it has stolen from. Martelly told Hollande ". . . no compensation can repair the wounds of history . . . . Haiti has not forgotten, but Haiti is not stubborn."

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