Funeral of Voodoo Leader, Max Beauvoir

Funeral of Voodoo Leader, Max Beauvoir

Here is a picture of the actual funeral of Max Beauvoir, the Leader of Haitian Voodoo Religion who passed away in September, 2015 in his home. He received a proper funeral according to the rules of the Voodoo religion

Haitians who adhere to Voodoo do not consider death to be the end of life-- there is an afterlife. When one dies, the soul essence hovers near the corpse for seven to nine days. During this period, the individual free soul can be captured and made into a "spiritual zombie" by a sorcerer. Thus, to avoid this capture, the voodoo priests perform a nine night ritual so that the soul may live in the dark waters for a year and a day. After that, the deceased's relatives perform the Rite of Reclamation to raise the deceased person's soul essence and put it in a clay jar known as a govi. When Max Gesner Beauvoir, the supreme leader of Haitian voodoo died on September 12, his body was kept until everyone paid a visit and made it home for the funeral. Prime Minister Paul Evans met with the daughter and step-son of the deceased, the couple Rachel and Didier Dominique. A 'national tribute was arranged on September 16, at the Champ de Mars. In a somber environment, the Government of the Republic of Haiti extended its sincere condolences to the relatives and friends of the deceased and to the members of the voodoo community. President Michel Martelly has described his death as a "great loss for the country".

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