Haiti Voodoo

Haiti Voodoo

Here is a picture of a Haitian man putting fire into his mouth as a voodoo ritual. The Haitian style of Voodoo can also be found in several regions in the Caribbean including the Dominican republic, Cuba and The Bahamas. You can also find the Haitian voodoo in the United States, canada or any country where Haitians are residing

"Houngans" are male priests in Haitian vodou. A female priest is called "Mambo". In a vodou ritual, Houngans summon the 'Loa' (the spirits of Haitian vodou) to take part in the service, receive offerings and grant requests. Houngans work with very little hierarchical control and each Houngan, Mambo and Bokor (sorcerers) operates in their own relative independence. They are responsible to maintain the relationship between the vodou spirits and the community as a whole. They are considered as your superior in Vodou; so you need to be respectful of their learning and experience. During the 2010 cholera outbreak, 45 Haitian Houngans were killed, because in some regions in Haiti, they had been accused of spreading the cholera virus through magical means. Haitian gangs, armed with machetes had massacred 45 of these Haitian Houngans. The fear of the disease combined with lack of education resulted this violence.

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