Henri Namphy living in the Dominican Republic

Henri Namphy living in the Dominican Republic

Here is a picture of Former Haitian President Henri Namphy living in the Dominican Republic

He was born to an old established family in Cap-Haitien. General Namphy was a graduate of the Haitian Military Academy and was first commissioned as an army officer in 1954. Gradually he was promoted to Brigadier General (1981) and Lieutenant General (1984). He served as the Senior Military Commander in two of Haiti's 9 provinces, one in the southern peninsula and other in the northwest and later he became the Chief of Staff. General Namphy was ousted in a military coup in September 1988. He was arrested and escorted to the airport on a granted political asylum. He left the country with wife, Gabrielle, and his daughter, Melissa. His palace at the Champ de Mars Plaza, near the army general headquarters and the Dessalines Barracks, which housed the country's best-trained unit, was the center point of weapon fire.

He speaks Spanish, Creole, French and some English. He has been married twice and has two children. He seldom travels overseas. His favorite foods are Haitian dishes like beef and pork chunks cooked in sizzling oil. But as drinks, he prefers Johnny Walker Black Scotch than own fine rums. He loves jokes and humor, but when he is serious, he is deadly serious.

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