Klere Ayiti or Light Up Haiti solar light kit

Klere Ayiti or Light Up Haiti solar light kit

Here is a picture of the new light kit developed by Sogexpress, Arc Finance and Western Union, Klere Ayiti or Light Up Haiti.

In Haiti, only 12.5% of the population has access to electricity, however, the official sources estimate that around 25% of the populations have irregular connection, unreliable access to the electric grid. The most of its generation infrastructure is very old and costly to maintain and operate. According to the USAID, Haiti's power sector is one of the weakest in the Western Hemisphere. 'Klere Ayiti' is a two-year effort between the Haitian money transfer company Sogexpress and Arc Finance with support from Western Union. 'Klere Ayiti' is working to find a power solution using the solar energy which is abundant in the country. Solar energy is a realistic power solution, an affordable way for the Haitians. 'Klere Ayiti' is truly committed to establish its meaning 'Light Up' Haiti. It is a solution where the Haitian diaspora can purchase solar light kit for their families back home. Each solar light kit contains two or three LED lights, rechargeable solar battery and charging sockets, where cell phones can be charged as well. The lights can be hung from the ceiling or used as a strong flashlight.

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