Liliane Pierre Paul getting emotional during Homage, February 2016

Liliane Pierre Paul getting emotional during Homage, February 2016

Here is a picture of Radio personality Liliane Pierre Paul as she was very emotional during a ceremony organized on her behalf in February, 2016.

This was organized in response to the degrading Carnival song produced by President Michel Martelly about Liliane

As per Dandin's statement the threats of these two friends of the President (Jojo and Roro), are not only against Liliane Pierre-Paul and Monard Metellus-- it challenges everyone. Liliane Pierre-Paul is a star reporter and the President of the Association of Haitian Media and women's organizations. She is a pride of the Haitian society. Joseph (Jojo) Lorquet was arrested earlier for mafia related shady deals related to arms license, and others. Ronald (Roro) Nelson is well known in Haiti for his close association with Martelly and he uses that relation as a protective shield for his rowdy behavior and violent activities mostly on innocent people with beating and threatening with guns. In the early morning of December 1, 2015, the office of Radio Télé Kiskeya was a target of gun attack.
The brawl between Martelly and Liliane Paul actually started almost three years ago on May 16, 2013 when Martelly visited Radio, Television Caraibes for a program and commented if Lilianne Pierre Paul terms 'Michel Martelly' as 'Sweet Micky', there would be nothing wrong for him to call her as "Ti Lili. As per Haitian proverb, if you add "Ti" before someone's name, you infer that, the person is a thief. Liliane said, Sweet Micky is the name that brought fame to Martelly's musical career and his position as the Head of the State, whereas 'Lily' is a name that was affectionately given by her brother. It is quite obvious for Martelly to have a personal grudge against Liliane because, she has always remained vocal against all irregularities and election frauds, especially targeting Martelly's PHTK platform. Recently, the President Martelly has released his carnival meringue for 2016 targeting journalist Liliane Pierre-Paul.

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