Over 7,000 employees in 2015 at Caracol Industrial Park (PIC)

Over 7,000 employees in 2015 at Caracol Industrial Park (PIC)

Here is a picture of the Caracol Industrial Park (PIC) in North of Haiti with over 7,000 employees in 2015 and growing

The Caracol Industrial Park (PIC), sponsored by the Government of Haiti, the United States and the Inter American Development Bank, is an initiative to boost the employment conditions in Haiti. Since its birth in 2012, the PIC has seen tremendous development and progress. Within three years, there has been an increase in the number of jobs from 1300 in November 2012 to 7000 in January 2015. The industrial zone stretches for over 250 acres and has potential space for many small scale industries. Haiti's garment sector is re-emerging from this area, with the S & H Global acting as the beacon. The company provides as many as 60 jobs per week. The Haitian painting company in the PIC, the Caribbean Paintings, has recorded $51 million export in 2014. Off lately, around 700 small scale industries have had their inception around the PIC. The power plants have benefitted the Haitians living in the neighboring regions to a huge extent, providing electricity to nearly 8500 homes. The PIC is therefore considered a very efficient project for the economic growth as well as providing the Haitians with jobs.

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