Ricardo Augustin, out of the CEP

Ricardo Augustin, out of the CEP

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Ricardo Augustin, a representative of the Episcopal Conference was installed as a member of the 9-member Provisional Electoral Council (CEP) on January 23, 2015. He took charge as the treasurer of the CEP and was entrusted with the responsibility of Artibonite department during October 25, 2015 election. He is the Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Economics, Social and Political Université Notre Dame D'Haiti and General director of Institut Haitien de Social Doctrine Chrétienne (IHDOSOC) Haiti (both since 2011). Recently, in an article titled "The Impossible Consensus", he has said that, for last two decades, Haiti is passing through recurrent political crises, although it is nothing new to this country. There are many instances since the beginning, many elected presidents could not complete their terms. However, this time the crisis has reached such a degree that if we do not take prompt, effective measures, we have to disgracefully surrender to the foreign troop.

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