Most young children in Haiti will only see a hard life

Most young children in Haiti will only see a hard life

Here is a picture of some innocent school children in Haiti

There is one group of Haitians who doesn't believe that election in Haiti will do anything for them. This group, although considered to be the largest group of the population, has always been ignored in so many aspects. This is the group where you will find the highest rate of unemployment, the highest rates of violence, the highest rate of imprisonment and also the highest rates of death. Most of the youth in Haiti have seen a hard life. They are the youth of Haiti

As legislative, presidential, and local elections approach later in 2015, one segment of the population will not bother to show up at the ballot box, its youth.

Young people want to elect their representatives, but are aware politicians could care less about their views. They suffer more unemployment, violence, incarceration, and death than other age groups.

Haitian well-to-do and moderate-income citizens dismiss youth as thugs and think they possess little value to society.

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