Mrs. Jamba of Haiti, oldest woman in Human History, is holding strong at 125

Mrs. Jamba of Haiti, oldest woman in Human History, is holding strong at 125

Bénicia Souffrant, better known as "Madan Janba", is the oldest living woman on planet earth in 2018. Madan Janba is 125 years old and lives in the locality of Moyette, 8th communal section of Petit-Goâve.

"Madan Janba" retains her mental capacity. She continues to think logically thinking; she argues and has a strong personality. Mrs. Jamba is unable to see very well. She has some hearing problems and sometimes complains of physical pains.

Officially, the oldest woman in the world is 118 year old Emma Morano who was born on November 29, 1899 in Italy. Due to our record keeping system, we may never be able to prove that Bénicia Souffrant, "Madan Janba", is in fact the oldest living woman on earth in the year 2018

On Friday, March 23, 2018, Jacky Lumarque, Rector of Quisqueya University and former Prime Minister Jacques Edouard Alexis visited Mrs. Jamba, living in the 8th communal section of Petit-Goâve. As per local information, Mrs. Jamba is almost deaf and blind and at 125 years of age, she is the oldest human being living in Haiti now. Her real name is Bénicia Souffrant, but she is better known under the name "Madam Jamba". She has already turned 126 on last June 24th, 2018.

The Rector of Quisqueya University has told the correspondents present on the site that from now on his university will take care of Mrs. Jamba. She will live the rest of her life in her new and comfortable house. The University has hired two local women for her care and support. They will help to maintain her eating and other habits unchanged and provide means for a better life. Lumarque also said that when a person reaches 100 years of age, such person becomes a heritage. He has a friend who is the director of the 'Claire Heureuse' Foundation that looks after the elderly. As per his gathered information, Mrs. Jamba is facing a lack of supervision and needs regular monitoring-- 'Claire Heureuse' will look at that.

One week before this visit, another delegation from Quisqueya University led by Mrs. Judith Auguste, visited Mrs. Jamba. The old lady was quite happy to welcome the group. Deputy Mayor Delor Desgranges who was present at the delegation brought gifts for the lady. While talking to the correspondents present, Mrs. Judith expressed her University's future plan to take care of this lady till her last day. Her condition of health will be assessed by a diagnostic report under the supervision of Lumarque, the Rector of University. As per Lumarque's statement, the objective of this earlier delegation was to explore and initiate the first contacts with Mrs. Jamba.

Presently, the oldest woman living in the world is Emma Morano, a tiny, 116-year-old Italian woman whose authenticity of age has been officially confirmed. If Mrs. Jamba can prove her age officially, she would the oldest living woman on the earth.

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