The CEP met with the opposition in Haiti

The CEP met with the opposition in Haiti

Here is a picture taken during the meeting between the CEP and the opposition in Haiti.

Following a joint note from the eight candidates (G8) representing 49.81% of total votes, requesting the CEP to form an independent commission to inquire about the alleged frauds affecting the integrity of the October 25, 2015 election, the CEP's arranged to meet these Presidential candidates on November 23, 2015. The eight candidates who were present during the meeting were: Jude Celestin, Jean Charles Moise, Samuel Madistin, Sauveur Pierre Etienne, Eric Jean Baptiste, Steven Benoit, Jean Henry Ceant and Mario Andresol. However, the candidates came out of the meeting dissatisfied, because each of them attended the meeting to satisfy own interests which were conflicting with one another. Furthermore, they could not reach a consensus about the constituents an acceptable "Independent Commission". In a situation like this the CEP has given a stern negative response on forming an independent commission.

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