President Florvil Hyppolite and Ministers in 1889

President Florvil Hyppolite and Ministers in 1889

Here is a picture of President Florvil Hyppolite and his entire Ministers in 1889.

At the start of the last decade of the 19th century, Haiti welcomed a new leader in the stylish President Florvil Hyppolite, along with the equally stylish First-Lady Adelaide Marcial Florina Charles. His slightly controversial death (so for the speculation as to the circumstances surrounding his fall from a horse) was no more interesting than his time before becoming president, specifically the year before he took power.

At the time, David Blaine, the US secretary of state was sent by President Benjamin Harrison to treat with Hyppolite on the exchange. Blaine took with him to meet Hyppolite, Haiti's General Consul, Frederick Douglass. The deal however, was viewed as unconstitutional; not even a lease could be considered. The situation was weighed over by the Minister of External Affairs, Antenor Firmin, who put paid to the whole idea by citing the edicts of the Haitian Constitution.

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