Daan Junior - Ma place Music Videol 2013

Daan Junior - Ma place Music Videol 2013

Here is the latest hit song released by Daan Junior. Ma place - clip vidéo 2013.

This Video Clip received positive review due to the quality. it is professional work.

The song was released on May 18, 2013 and the artist is encouraging everyone to go and purchase the album to support the effort.

During the same period, Daan junior released another music video with Fabiola Shyne. This music video was also professionally made.

Daan Junior showed great passion for singing and music at a very early age. He moved to France and attend High school at Jule Ferry in Paris, France. His influence in music include stars such as Lionel Richi, Michael Jackson, Andrea Bolcheni, Tina Turner, R-Kelly, Lucky Dube, Alan Cave, and Kassav.
His biggest success came with the release of the album entitled "Di'm sa ou vle" (tell me what you want) which the song titled "A'vew" (With you) dominated the music charts.

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