Laurent Lamothe, Evans Paul hit with travel ban

Laurent Lamothe, Evans Paul hit with travel ban

Here is a picture of two former Prime Ministers Laurent Lamothe and Evans Paul. They were hit with travel ban along with 13 Ministers in the Michel Martelly government

As per the news report dated June 2, 2016, by order of Prosecutor Danton Leger, nine former Haitian electoral officials and 11 Cabinet ministers of former President Michel Martelly's administration have been forbidden to leave the country. The order came from the new Government Commissioner of Port-au-Prince Danton Leger, shortly after the release of Verification Commission's report recommending October's presidential first-round election conducted by the former Martelly administration should be "restart from zero" -- because, it was marred by serious irregularities, grave inconsistencies, and massive fraud; only 9% of the total vote cast has been found to be valid. The violation of the Act and commitment of fraud was masterminded at a "high level". The names of two Prime Ministers of Martelly administration Laurent Lamothe and Evans Paul were found on the lists, forbidden to leave the country. As per Justice Minister Camille Junior Edouard, the interim government had nothing to do with the prosecutor's decision. Prosecutor Leger did not respond to a request for comment.

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