Forces Armées d'Haïti, FAd'H controlling protest

Forces Armées d'Haïti, FAd'H controlling protest

Here is a picture of Forces Armées d'Haïti, also known as FAD'H controlling a protest.

Haiti is a country without any regular devoted military forces. The last formal armed forces were demobilized in 1995. Haiti's first military was born in the bed of country's slave revolution. The early Haitian leaders emerged from military cadres produced by decade (1791-1804) long warfare which was fundamentally a slave revolt to expel the French out of their colony in Saint-Domingue. Haiti without a strong constitution, had been mostly ruled by force. After the expulsion of the French, the amalgamated armed force got broken down into pieces and took coercive control in every aspect of Haitian governance without any acceptable constitution. In 1987, a decree recommended the formation of a Haitian armed forces, however, that was never properly implemented till 1989 and the crude built up that came out was finally abolished in 1995. Practically, Haiti has no present external threats other than the occasional tension with its neighbor Dominican Republic over a border fixed in 1936. The presence of U.S. military in Haiti is enough to stall attack on the country.

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