Entente démocratique (KID/ PHTK) opération Déposée against Privert

Entente démocratique (KID/ PHTK) opération Déposée against Privert

Political parties KID and PHTK through "democratic Agreement" (EDS) filed the operation Friday, June 10 ,, demanding the provisional president Jocelerme Privert to resign the next June 14

June, 2016: Evans Paul: "Lè w pa konpoze, Ou dekonpoze, lè w finn dekonpoze yo depoze w "

As per the news report dated June 18, 2016, a new political opposition coalition "Democratic Agreement" (ED) referring Article 149-1 of the Haitian Constitution, has claimed that once the term of a Haitian President expires, he cannot continue to act as the President of Haiti any more. As per their referred Article (149-1), the acting President may in no case, be a candidate in the next Presidential election. Furthermore, as per Article 134-3, the President of the Republic may not be re-elected. He may serve an additional term only after an interval of five (5) years. Former Prime Minister Evans Paul as the spokesperson of the coalition group said, the mandate of the former President Jocelerme Privert had ended on 14 June 2016; he cannot any more continue or re-elect as the Haitian President.

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