Quesner Alphonse

Bishop of Fort-Liberté, Mgrs Quesner Alphonse

Bishop of Fort-Liberté, Mgrs Quesner Alphonse

Here is a picture of the new Bishop of Fort-Liberté, Mgrs Quesner Alphonse who is meeting President Michel Martelly at the National Palace

On Saturday, 25 October, 2014 Pope Francis appointed Monseigneur Alphonse Quesnel, the SMM of the Province of Haiti, as the ordinary of the Diocese of Fort-Liberté. Fort-Liberté is a commune and the administrative capital of the North-East Department, Haiti, under the French rule it was known as Fort-Royal and Fort Dauphin, it is very near to the border of the Dominican Republic with a population of about 371,000 Roman Catholics and served by a presbytery of 48 priests and 68 religious. Monseigneur Alphonse Quesnel had been serving as the auxiliary bishop of the Archdiocese of Port-au-Prince since December 2012. After completing his probationary period in 1972, he started his profession as Montfort missionary. In July 16, 1977, he was ordained a priest on the Feast of Our Lady Mount Carmel. Bishop Quesnel is known throughout the congregation for his contribution in the work of formation and as a parish priest.

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