Tifane works with many important Musicians

Tifane works with many important Musicians

Her talent in the painting and dancing was detected at a very early age. Tifane was a very busy child practicing dancing lesson early. She studied in the united States
Tifane and her Education

At the age of five, Tifane started with dancing lessons. this love for music continued during high school. At that time, she participated in all cultural activities at school and in her neighborhood

After Highschool, Tifane left haiti to study sociology in Chicago. After graduation, she moved back home and started her own musical group.
Tifane works with many important personalities in the Caribbean music world such as eline Michel, Fabrice Rouzier, Boukman Eksperians, and some from other countries like Monique Seka, Eric Virgal and Maria de Barros.

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