RE: Frincois Duvalier, the first Day of his presidency

Neg Miserne - October 25 2014, 5:01 PM

Francois Duvalier was the first freely and democratically elected president of Haiti and not Aristide.

during election of Papa doc every one was able to vote, but during the election of aristide, certain group were excluded from the process.

Aristide was chosen and not elected.

this is something that Haitian are going to regret for a long time. Duvalier promoted black power while Aristide promoted NEG NOUE PA LADAN.

Who were the tonton macoute?

i am sure they were not mulatoes or the so-called black elites.

Papa doc promoted & re-established the black & red flag, while Aristide promoted & the return of Blue and red. Now, the question is, who was the true descendant of J.J Dessalines?

or what were the colors chosen by our EmperOR?

I know it is a hard question to answer, specially by those few so-called educated elites.

In the U.S, when I was in H.S, they used to them uncle toms. Those negros would rather decorated the false with beautiful speech so they will not speak about the true history of THE African race. In Haiti, they mix french and creole together.

All they are doing is to protect or make themselves politically corrected in front of the white & mulatoes men. For them the African race can go to hell, but they always want to be the leader of our race. It wont be too long before the true flag return to Haiti.

The white man & the mulatoes know the true, therefore, it will not be a surprise to them. But, the uncle toms will be ready to kill the true sons of J.J. Dessalines.

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Frincois Duvalier, the first Day of his presidency

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