Senator Moïse Jean-Charles called Senator Edwin Zenny Afranchi

Neg Miserne - October 27 2014, 11:32 AM

History repeating itself.

That's the way it was after the assassination of our Emperor.

Those were the two same types of guys who were fighting each other for power.

But, one thing I would like to ask Senator Moise, why it is now you are using the word afranchi?

Remember who helped you. Ou ce ingra, dont you belong to Lavalasses.

who helped lavalasse to power?

I am sure it was not us. Let put the people to the side, because they always move by some body or group.

Do you Remember, what was your motto then?

Let me refresh your memory.


Who were the macoutes?.

I am sure they were not Afranchis.

Both you and them were the symbol of Petion then. That is the reason as to why the flag of Haiti is Blue & Red instead of the colors chosen by our Emperor.

Now is their time to rule in front of your face and not behind you like they did with Aristide, the master of traitors.

Now, you have to live with it. Right now, they are doing better for Haiti then when your traitor and his gangs were in power.

Pretty soon, you will be calling for us. You already have Manigat wife (opportunist) with you. You wont have us with you. We are Black men with dignity, true descendants of J.J. Dessalines, we are not for sale like you. Our founding father is J.J. Dessalines and his symbol is Black and Red for our Flag. We are waiting to see your traitor, Aristide, kills himself the same way as Henri Christophe.

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Senator Moïse Jean-Charles called Senator Edwin Zenny Afranchi

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