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RE: Children of Haitian descent handcuffed, deported from the Bahamas

YOU must be crazy to ask for this guy to take over. He has no vision. he is blind man who wants to lead us to a jungle. more »

Haitian protesters called on Russian President Vladimir Putin for help

They were the same group who have called thE USA for help to invade and occupy Haiti to bring Aristide back. They had... more »

The Reunion of Jean Claude Duvalier and Jean Bertrand Aristide

although, Aristide is an educated man, he is not civilized to have such a reunion. sometimes I wonder if aristide has... more »

Could a marriage between Célimène Dessalines and Alexandre Pétion spare the Emperor?

The answer is NO. J.J. Dessalines wanted peace with the Mulattoes who wanted to take the place of the white masters... more »

Senator Moïse Jean-Charles called Senator Edwin Zenny Afranchi

History repeating itself. That's the way it was after the assassination of our Emperor. Those were the two same types... more »

RE: The election of Michel Martelly: a miracle in Haiti' politic

You can not say it any better. The old class of Uncle toms are finished and gone. more »

RE: Bouki Ak Ti Malice, Story Of Intelligence Vs Ignorance For Haitian

BOUKI equal Black haitians and TI Malice equal the Mulatoes Haitians more »

RE: Frincois Duvalier, the first Day of his presidency

Francois Duvalier was the first freely and democratically elected president of Haiti and not Aristide. during election... more »

Who killed Emperor Jean-Jacques Dessalines, what was the motif?

When you are in Port Au Prince, take a look of where the sun rise and it set. OK, all these lands belong to my great... more »

RE: The Life style of Judge Lamarre Belizaire under scrutinization

That's nothing compare to the lifestyle of Aristide. I am a factory worker in the US and I am living in a $500,000... more »

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