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RE: U.S. Marines in Fort Liberte in 1916

The occupation did not ended in 1934. It was replaced by the mulatre until Papa Doc came to power. The US came to... more »

RE: Haitian Protest With Machete

They are not protesting. They are demanded to go cut sugar cane in the Dominican Republic. Let them go and make sure... more »

RE: Terrorism and Military Occupation in Haiti by United Nations, MINUSTAH

But, who opened the door for them in the first place? Aristide, the so-called most intelligent and well educated... more »

RE: Haitians Waiting To Go On The Field To Cut Sugar Cane In Batey - Dominican Republic

Modern day slavery. That's exactly what the US wanted when they abolished the plantation of sugar cane in Haiti and... more »

RE: Judge Lamarre Belizaire Unexecuted Orders on Jean Bertrand Aristide

The man is above the law. The judge is only doing his job. Don;t you see that Aristide has no respect for the law and... more »

RE: Fanmi Lavalas with Maryse Narcisse and Moise Jean charles

Lavalasses are lawless people. more »

RE: Woman Madan Sara of Haiti.

My mother was a Madame Sara more »

RE: Haitian Flag Under Francois Duvalier changed in 1964 to black and red

So, what is the true colors or what should be the colors of our flag? I want to have pride for one flag only. To me... more »

RE: Judge Lamarre Belizaire and Jean Bertrand Aristide

A judge issues order and it has to be enforced by the police. The reason that Aristide is not in jail is because he is... more »

RE: Protest against Duvalier Regime on the day of Jean Claude Duvalier's Funeral

Most of them don't anything about the Duvalier. They have paid a few haitian dollars out of 800,000,000 US dollars... more »

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