Black Alex and daughter Alexandra

Black Alex and daughter Alexandra

Here is a picture of Black Alex and daughter Alexandra.

Jamecy "Black Alex" Pierre (39), the well known Rap and Ragga artist from King Posse, passed away on Friday, November 13, 2015 after a prolonged illness. Two weeks ago, Black Alex was admitted to the Haitian community Hospital in the capital city. Many consider "King Posse" group as the all time best in Carnival, Rap and Ragga. The group has several hit albums to its credit. Alex was born on October 16, 1976 and started his career in the mid 1990s. In the past few years, he started singing as a solo artist and had featured on songs of various artists.
Black Alex is survived by his minor daughter Alexandra Pierre. One posthumous album of Alex will be released shortly and all of its proceeds will be accumulated for his daughter Alexandra's benefit which she can have from her 18th birthday. A preparation has been made to hold his funeral service on November 29th. Our condolences go out to Ms. Pierre and everyone affected by this lost.

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