It's Me Hair Boutique

It's Me Hair Boutique

Located on the North side of Little Haiti in Florida, It's Me. Hair Boutique with several years serving the Haitian Community.

I had a chance to visit their location in August, 2014 to review the quality of the services there. It's Me. Hair Boutique is a unisex Beauty Salon and Barber Shop. For the ladies, they are specialized in Hair, Nails and wax. They do in Afro, hair, hair cut, perm, facial, manucure, pedicure, blow cuts, eyebrow arching. For the men, you can get all styles of hair cut and styles.

On the day of my visit, which was a Saturday, things were pretty packed both inside and outside. Finding a parking there on a Saturday is a challenge as many Haitians come on that day from all over the area to do their shopping. On the inside, it appears that it is very well known in the community and has many regular customers.

The staff at It's Me. Hair Boutique have good customer service skills. Upon my arrival, I was able to get the necessary information with courtesy and friendliness.

I would not hesitate to recommend friends or family members to It's Me. Hair Boutique. Please feel free to share your experiences with this place as well

It's Me. Hair Boutique
8230 NE 2nd Ave, Miami, FL 33138

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