Malpasse, home to newly-deported Dominican-Haitians

Malpasse, home to newly-deported Dominican-Haitians

Here is a picture of a family in Malpasse who just arrived with children> They don't know anyone in Haiti. This family is among the newly-deported Dominican-Haitians

First Deportees arrive in Malpasse: Martelly denies their existence

Fond Bayard school in Malpasse, near the Dominican-Haitian border, has been converted into a shelter for Dominican-Haitians, recently deported by the DR.

A significant number of deportees are Dominican-born Haitians, descendants of Haitian migrants. According to the Dominican Constitution they have legal status. But a Constitutional Court ruling says they must leave since they don't have the proper papers for citizenship status.

Haitian President Martelly has turned his back on the deportees, ensuring they remain stateless.

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