Muscadin Jason Jean-Yves, the Mayor of Port-au-Prince

Muscadin Jason Jean-Yves, the Mayor of Port-au-Prince

Since the 2010 earthquake, the city of Port-au-Prince has been the center of many issues in Haiti. The Mayor of Port-au-Prince, Muscadin Jason Jean-Yves, has been in the forefront, advocating for a plan to bring the Haitian capital back into its feet. The Mayor of Port-au-Prince is working on a plan to get Haitians all over the world involved in the reconstruction of Port-au-Prince. Recently, mayor Muscadin Jason Jean-Yves unveiled a 3.3 billion dollars plan to rebuild the city of Port-au-Prince. The plan was developed by the Haitian Center for Research in Management and Development (CHRAD) and submitted to president Michel Martelly. It is a comprehensive plan that will address several important issues such as housing and environment

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