New Haitian soldiers formed by Ecuadorian army

New Haitian soldiers formed by Ecuadorian army

Here is a group of 40 new Haitian soldiers formed by Ecuadorian army.

On Tuesday, September 1, 2015, at the Training School of Ecuadorian Army soldiers (Escuela de Formación de Soldados del Ejército) at the Champ de Mars located at the northern exit of Ambato, the third city at the south of Ecuadorian capital city Quito, a graduation ceremony was held for 40 new Haitian soldiers of engineering body. The graduation ceremony was chaired by the Brigadier General, Edison Narváez Rosero, the Commander of the Command of Education and Doctrine of the Army (CEDE). The ceremony was witnessed by other Ecuadorian military personnel like General Carlos Obando and Commander of the Army Division, Christian Toussaint. The Haitian Ambassador in Ecuador José Maria Egas, Undersecretary of the Ministerial Cabinet and civil and military authorities were also present during the occasion. The New graduates have completed a training program of 8 months under the framework of bilateral cooperation between Haiti and Ecuador that started on January 12, 2015.

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