new interim Chancellorof Haiti, Lener Renauld

new interim Chancellorof Haiti, Lener Renauld

Here is a picture of the new interim Chancellor, Lener Renauld who is also also Minister of Defense

Mr. Lener Renauld, the Haitian Minister of Defense and Minister of Foreign Affairs and Worship was installed as the new Interim Chancellor by the President Martelly. He replaced Duly Brutus, who announced his resignation on April 5 to run as a candidate for the presidential election. Renauld was severely criticized recently when the foreign embassies in South Africa and several other places failed to pay their regular payments like rent and salary. Some sources indicated that the foreign minister of Haiti has not forwarded any money for these embassies. As a Haitian Minister of Foreign Affairs, he should have set up a budget at the beginning of the year; the lack of funds appears to be a mystery. Some even suggested that the Haitian government is bankrupt due to the election. In last July, to prevent a humanitarian crisis, Renauld invited the intervention of the OAS and other international communities on the issue of repatriations of Haitians living in an irregular migratory situation in the Dominican Republic.

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