Pierre Michel Brunache describing six opposition senators of

Pierre Michel Brunache describing six opposition senators of "Kamikazes"

Here is a picture of Pierre Michel Brunache, spokesman of the Primature in Haiti.

Monday, on August 4th, 2014, Pierre Michel Brunache, the Spokesman of the Primature, did describe the act of six opposing senators is suicidal. The six senators [Jean-Baptiste Bien-Aime (North East), Westner Polycarpe (North), Jean-Charles Moïse (North), John Joël Joseph (West), Francky Exius (South), and Jean William Jeanty (Nippes)] who are refusing to attend the meeting of the Senate and keeping the necessary ratification in electoral at bay, are "enemies of democracy". The necessary ratification can ensure earlier election and expedite country's many development programs. The spokesperson has also warned that, if the country fails to hold elections within the current year, the country will still continue to operate and in accordance with the El Rancho agreement, the Head of State and Judiciary is empowered to discharge necessary responsibilities for such situation and lead the country in an appropriate direction.

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