Roudy Stanley

Roudy Stanley

Here is a picture of Roudy Stanley Penn who resigned as Spoke person for the CEP.

Roudy was one of the spokespersons for the new CEP under Leopold Berlanger Jr. After several announcements, finally he has resigned from his post on July 22nd, because so far, Leopold Berlanger did not him want to leave. To him, winning an election in Haiti is always the result of a master plan built by a strong team of professionals of politics and communication. Some of the fifty five presidential candidates in the last election were more presidential than others, whether through their journey, their reputation or commitment. Despite having these advantages, none of these popular candidates were able to fetch individually more than 20% votes in the first round of elections, because they are more renowned than they have supporters--basically they are all equal. Roudy was also the campaign manager for Senator Jean Renel Senatus (Zokiki), who was elected in the first round of voting. He is also the vice President of the Association of Haitian Political Consultants. The title of a published book of Roudy speaks itself about its content--"Advocacy for Lowering the Age of Eligibility and Appointment to Political Office". He had argued that if we can vote at the age of 18, we can also be a candidate at this age.

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