Piman Bouk bakery Mural in Little Haiti

Piman Bouk bakery Mural in Little Haiti

Here is the mural painting at Piman Bouk bakery in Little Haiti.

For decades, the mural arts of Serge Toussaint in Miami's Little Haiti neighborhood have created a different environment. They're unlike other contemporary murals, a standalone with typical Haitian flavor that would remind you of the ambiance, character you could feel, miles away in the native island. His murals beautify the dilapidated walls, storefronts, the underbellies of bridges, the big Roman Catholic Church in the neighborhood, Notre Dame D'Haiti and every other open spot of plaster or cement he can find. According to Toussaint, his murals serve three main purposes: (a) inform potential customers about what a business offers; (b) beautify the neighborhood; and (c) keep Haitian heritage alive. His storefront mural of 'Piman Bouk Bakery' truly justifies the correctness of his statement.

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