Monseigneur Pierre-Andre Pierre

Monseigneur Pierre-Andre Pierre

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There was a kidnapping attempt in Haiti for Monseigneur Pierre-Andre Pierre, the Rector of Université Notre-Dame d'Haiti on the evening of Friday, Mar 13, 2015. However, fortunately it was foiled by police. The Executive of the University has condemned the kidnapping attempt and has urged the public security authority to take necessary measures to identify and bring the perpetrators of the kidnapping attempt under justice for legal action. No specific report has yet been released except that it happened in Delmas 33 near the Hopital de Paix and the Haitian police immediately intervened. A group of armed bandit attempted to apprehend the Catholic priest who was scheduled to attend a funeral. Mgr Pierre was born on 26 September, 1962, became ordained Priest of Port-au-Prince on 26 May, 1991. Thereafter, he was gradually appointed as the Auxiliary Bishop of Port-au-Prince (February 2003), Titular Ordained Bishop of Floriana (December 2002) and Bishop of Anse-à-Veau et Miragoâne, Haïti (July 2008). On February 6, 2009, Bishop Pierre-André Pierre was elected by the Conference of Catholic Bishops of Haiti, "Recteu r of Notre Dame University of Haiti (UNDH).

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