Singer Stevy Mahy and Music Promoter Roland Berthold

Singer Stevy Mahy and Music Promoter Roland Berthold

Here is a picture of the famous singer, songwriter, artist Stevy Mahy with Haitian and Caribbean Music Promoter Roland Berthold together.

Although she is not very popular in Haiti and among Haitians in the Diaspora yet, Stevy Mahy is an international artist.

Stevy Mahy was born in Paris but spent part of his childhood in Guadeloupe where her parents are from. She is a true Creole woman.
growing up in a family where both mother and father are musicians and singers, it is only natural that Stevy Mahy would be in love with music. She recorded "mama DEPI or pati" or "I want a little brother "with his mother, that the age of 9 years.
Some of her hit songs includ: Beautiful, San vou, Yenki pou vou, Something About You, Fame Is Gone, What's Going On?, Falling In Love Again, Divine Magic Joy, Si'w pé, Shine On Me, Mon coeur mon ange

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