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Kanaval 2016 Sweet Miky, TI LILI (TI LILIPaul)

Kanaval 2016 Sweet Miky, TI LILI (TI LILIPaul)

Here is how President Michel Martelly has decided to end his presidency. Kanaval 2016 Sweet Miky, TI LILI (Liliane Pierre Paul)

As per Haitian proverb, if you add "Ti" before someone's name, you infer that, the person is a thief. When President Michel Martelly visited Radio Television Caraibes on May 16, 2013 for a program, he commented if Lilianne Pierre Paul terms 'Michel Martelly' as 'Sweet Micky', there would be nothing wrong for him to call her as "Ti lili." Liliane opened her criticism with a French proverb which means, 'comparison is not right, it proves nothing'. She said, Sweet Micky is the name that gave Martelly his musical career and his position as the Head of the State, whereas 'Lily' is a name that was affectionately given by her brother. Liliane Pierre-Paul is a pride of the Haitian society; she is the President of the Association of Haitian Media and also a star reporter and a regular host of Radio Kiskeya. She has remained vocal against all irregularities and election frauds, especially targeting Martelly's PHTK platform. Recently, the President Martelly has released his carnival meringue for 2016 targeting journalist Liliane Pierre-Paul. It is a shame for a man like his stature to display own displeasure and disrespect in such a vulgar manner. However, if he has chosen to mark the end of his government in this manner, not in a cohesive tone, it would a typically of his character.

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Michel Martelly aka Sweet Micky - Liliane Pierre Paul aka "Ti Lili"

Michel Martelly aka Sweet Micky - Liliane Pierre Paul aka

Do you think that Michel Martelly should call Liliane Pierre Paul, "Ti Lili"?

This has been the issue following a visit that the president conducted at Radio Television Caraibes. During the interview, he referred to the Radio host of Kiskeya, Ms. Liliane Pierre Paul as "Ti Lili"

The reaction to this name was not positive from Liliane. She stated that her name is Liliane and Lili for her close friend

President Michel Martelly feels that he has every right in the world to call the popular Kiskeya Radio host "Ti Lili". The problem is that Liliane Pierre Paul does not see it that way. She went on the air following the interview to bring some precisions that her name was Liliane Pierre Paul, and for her close frineds, it is acceptable to call her "Lili.

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