Williams Regala and Henri Namphy

Williams Regala and Henri Namphy

This is the picture of Williams Regala and Henri Namphy together.

General Henri Namphy (born November 2, 1932) had been always remained on close terms with the Duvalier family during their thirty years of monarchy. There he held several key positions such as the Deputy Commander of the Presidential Guard and Chief of Staff, but all the time he had distanced himself from the worst aspects of the Duvalier dictatorship like killing and other ugliness. He had maintained a close, cordial relationship with the brutal rulers. Some acquaintances describe him more as a counselor than a close friend. However, he is considered by many as a disciplined man and a good administrator with some down-to-earth bent. Once, a foreign diplomat who worked with him in a hurricane recovery operation termed him as ''a soldier's soldier.''

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