Children of Haitian descent handcuffed, deported from the Bahamas

Soulshadow55 - January 29 2015, 4:13 PM

I agree that there are problems with leadership in Haiti.

However, I think the problem is that Haitians, whether it be government officials or citizens, don't respect other elected officials.

Just like the disrespect that Pres. Obama gets from Republicans in the U.S. Machel Martelly gets no respect.

Even though he is the elected president of Haiti.

Everyone is trying to overthrow him or undermine his leadership and decisions - then they scream that he is not a good leader.

Haitians must understand the rule of law and allow the president and prime minister to complete their terms.

You can't overthrow the government every time they make a decision that just a few people don't like. That is one of the reasons Haiti is in the trouble it is in now - constant overthrowing of the governments creates instability in the country and on the world markets.

No other country or company is going to bring jobs to Haiti if this instability continues.

Martelly was elected by the people and he should be allowed to complete his term and appoint a prime minister of his choosing.

No one should be able to bully him into appointing a new prime minister.

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