RE: President Florvil Hyppolite Haiti's famed Iron Market

Claudette Delmas - June 30 2017, 1:00 PM

Based on family story from my father, his grand father AKA Florvil Hyppolite was AN AMAZING President and human being.

He cared for the betterment of the country "Haiti".

He did work hard on behalf on the people to establish Iron Market, telephone, electricity etc. Even though he was in power for a short period of time he accomplish a lot leaving behind some of his works.

As family heritage we admired his courage, motivation and persistence.

We regret the fact that he has never gotten credit for anything he created as a president.

After all we as Haitians we always fail to acknowledge people strength and skills instead we quick to devalue or discredit Leaders.

Thanks for the opportunity.

Claudette Delmas

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President Florvil Hyppolite Haiti's famed Iron Market

President Florvil Hyppolite was credited for many infrastructure accomplishments during his short government in...

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