Haiti one of top ten world producers of Mango

Haiti one of top ten world producers of Mango

Haiti ranks among the top ten world producers of mango fruits and it is one of the main fruits grown in the country.
The Haitian mango francisque is one of the most popular varieties in the international markets and the only mango exported due to its compliance with USDA/APHIS certification requirements. Francisque Mango accounts for about 15% of the total mango production and many Haitian farmers grow this type of mango in the Central Plateau.

Francisque Mango is the main product variety marketed outside of the country. It receive world wide recognition and love. They are plump, juicy mangoes with lots of fruit on them. Once they are ripe, Francisque Mangos are soft with an orange or gold freckled skin. The have a rich, fresh, smooth, and distinct tropical flavor.

Francisque Mango is unique to Haiti. The Dominican Republic tried to implant these trees home, hoping to take advantage of its international reputation, it did not work for them. They have not been able to produce the variety that seems to exist only in Haiti due to difference in the regional climatic conditions.

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