Specialty Crop Vetiver Gives Growers a Fair Wage

Specialty Crop Vetiver Gives Growers a Fair Wage

Haiti is the leading producer of Vetiver in the world. It is reputable for its high quality vetiver oil that distinguishes itself as light, golden amber, and its fragrance is sweet, smooth and earthy.

Growers in Haiti in the towns of Massey, Faucault, and Bazelais produce a specialty crop, Vetiver. It is an essential oil used by French perfumer, Givaudau.

Givaudau and the growers formed a cooperative, Givaudau/Agri-Supply, so the delivery system for Vetiver could be modernized from the fields to the distillery. This meant repairing the road along which Vetiver is transported to the distillery. Benefits accruing to the growers are access to necessary services in the area.

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