Charlemagne Peralte Statue in Hinche

Charlemagne Peralte Statue in Hinche

Here is a picture of the rebel leader Charlemagne Peralte. This Statue was erected in the city of Hinche

He was born in 1886 in Hinche but with his origin to a family who had migrated from theDominican Republic

A former Haitian officer who was the military chief in the city of Léogane when the US Marines invaded Haiti in July 1915, Charlemagne Péralte refused to surrender to the US Marines.

As a consequence, he resigned from the Haitian military position and returned to his birth city, Hinche

In 1917, Charlemagne Péralte was arrested by the occupying force and sentenced to five years of forced labor. Following his release, Charlemagne started his guerrilla warfare against the US troops until his assassination

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