Malnutrition in Haiti

Malnutrition in Haiti

Malnutrition in an underprivileged and poor developing country like Haiti is a major critical problem. Poverty is its main root cause over other factors like economic, environmental, and social reasons. One in every 10 children in Haiti dies of malnutrition. One of the leading factors (60%) of child death is malnutrition. Around 40% of the 5 year children indicate stunned growth and poor brain development. The most common effects of malnutrition in Haitian children are: lack of adequate immune system, erratic behavior changes, 2 in every 10 are underweight, slow development and cognitive deficiency. Today around 6.7 million, or a staggering 67% of the population goes without food some days. Most of them have either limited access to the food or can't afford a balanced diet and as many as 1.5 million of them face malnutrition and other hunger-related problems.

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