Colonel William Regala

Haiti National Council of Government

Haiti National Council of Government

February 07, 1986 Port-au-Prince, Haiti: Here is a picture of the members of the National Council of Haitian Government, also called military-civilian government or junta that replaced former Haitian dictator Jean-Claud Duvalier. This picture was taken during the ceremony instituting the new team. Members include: Colonel Max Valles, Colonel William Regala, Lieutenant General Henry Namphy, Alix Cineas, Gerard Gourgue, Colonel Prosper Avril.

The National Council of Government was the ruling body of Haiti from 1986 to 1988. Henri Namphy (born November 2, 1932 in Cap-Haïtien) was a political figure and Haitian general. He served as the President of Haiti's such interim ruling body, the National Council of Government, from February 7, 1986 to February 7, 1988. Again, Namphy served as the President of Haiti (from June 20, 1988 to September 17, 1988) until his deposition by a Haitian coup d'état. The National Council of Government was formed as a joint military and civilian provisional government following the exile of President for Life Jean-Claude Duvalier. The council consisted of a President, Lieutenant General Henri Namphy, and five Members, three from the military (Colonel Max Valles, Colonel Prosper Avril and Colonel William Regala) and two civilians (Maitre Gérard Gourgue and Mr. Alix Cinéas). Resignation of Gerard Gourgue on March 20, 1986, led to a commotion among this small group and a new National Council of Government was formed within a month with three members (Colonel William Regala, Mr. Jacques François from April 1987 and Me. Luc D. Hector from February 1988) and 13 ministers. This ruling body took two important measures: rehabilitation of the blue and red Haitian flag on February 17, 1986 and the dissolution of the Volunteers of National Security on February 15, 1986.

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