Tête-à-l'Eau, Banane, localité Bota,

Tête-à-l'Eau, Banane, localité Bota,

Here is a picture of the localityTête-à-l'Eau, Banane in Bota, Haiti. It is an area targeted to provide housing for the Haitians arriving from the Dominican Republic.

This image was provided thanks to Mr. Maxo JOSEPH who went to Tête-à-l'Eau, Banane, localité Bota to see the progress as the Haitian Government promised to welcome more than tree thousand people.

Hundreds of thousands of undocumented immigrants in the D.R of whom most were Haitians or people of Haitian descent failed to register themselves within the Dominican deadline on June 17, 2015. Some human rights activists have called for an extension of this deadline. Many undocumented immigrants stood in the long lines outside the government offices for days, but were turned away repeatedly as they were told they lack necessary documents. Many of them could not come back as they could not convince their employers to give them time off of work to go register. As per the report of the Interior and Police minister Jose Ramon Fadul, so far 275,000 undocumented foreigners (about 50% of the total undocumented immigrants in the D.R) have been registered. The D.R authority is going to work with the remaining because they don't want to mistreat anyone, but want everyone to be regularized.

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