Donald Trump insulting other candidates

Donald Trump insulting other candidates

Here is Donald Trump insulting the other candidates. Low-energy Jeb, Little Marco, Lyin' Ted, Crooked Hillary

One of the best things that Donald Trump has done very well in this campaign season is bestowing catchy nicknames upon his friends and foes, actually, mostly foes. He has a knack for nicknames, because he believes a nickname can hurt and speak a lot about a person. Men give nicknames as a way of being affectionate without compromising masculinity. Abraham Lincoln was known as ¡(r)Honest Abe¡¯, Vice President Dick Cheney was known as 'Big Time', Joseph Vissarionovich was known as 'Stalin', (Russian word §ã§ä§'§Ý§î or stal) meaning "Steel", Che Guevara¡¯s name was Ernesto ¡ª Che translated that as ¡(r)hey¡¯. Trump's nicknames are often insulting, although he does not care much about that. He uses them at rallies, in debates and especially on Twitter. Here is a short list that includes some of the nicknames which he uses very often: Low-energy Jeb (John Ellis "Jeb" Bush: since: Twitter, on April 25, 2016) Crazy Bernie (Senator Bernie Sanders: since Campaign rally in Pensacola, Florida, on January 13, 2016), Crooked Hillary (Hillary Clinton: since Campaign rally in Watertown, New York, on April 16, 2016), Lyin' Ted (Senator Ted Cruz: since Campaign rally in Columbus, Ohio, on March 1, 2016), Little Marco (Junior Senator Marco Rubio: since Campaign rally in Columbus, Ohio, on March 1, 2016), and Truly Weird Rand Paul (Senator Rand Paul).

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