Dumarsais Simeus

Dumarsais Simeus supports Moise Jean Charles candidacy

Dumarsais Simeus supports Moise Jean Charles candidacy

Here is a picture of one of the most successful Haitian-American, Dumarsais Simeus as he supports Moise Jean Charles for President.

Jean Charles Moïse is a former Senator who sees himself as the next Haitian President. He is confident of his victory in the upcoming presidential election from the Platform of the radical opposition "Petit Dessalin" and considers the election as a simple matter of formality. He has appointed Daly Valet, the star reporter of Radio Vision 2000 as his campaign manager. They two will make plans and take strategic decisions, jointly within the framework of the campaign. Moise is not alone; there are many experienced veteran observers of Haitian politics like Dumarsais Simeus who also believes him to be a winner in the presidential race. Dumarsais is one of the most successful and learned black businessmen in the U.S who once unsuccessfully enrolled himself in the presidential election in 2005. He believes Moise as the most potential candidate who has the ability to outrun other candidates in the race and lead the country for a better tomorrow.

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