Haitian Embassy evicted in Pretoria for Rent Non-Payment

Haitian Embassy evicted in Pretoria for Rent Non-Payment

Here is a picture of the Haitian Embassy in Pretoria South Africa as possessions of the property were taken to a storage after a judge had had ordered the local sheriff to remove the belonging.

The order was issued this Friday and the eviction procedure took place on Friday as well.

On July 18th, Judge Janse van Nieuwenhuizen of the Pretoria High Court has given an attachment order under the principle of "tacit hypothec", to attach all the moveable properties of the Haitian embassy in Waterkloof, in Pretoria for non-payment of rent for 10 months aggregating US$44,265 (South African Rand 550,500). When as per the court order, the local Sheriff accompanying his men arrived at the embassy and started loading a truck with furniture of the embassy, they were stopped by the embassy staff who argued that their property cannot be attached as they enjoy diplomatic immunity. Earlier, the staff had called the Diplomatic Police and had informed that an armed robbery is taking place in the embassy premises. When the Diplomatic police arrived at the spot, they found none other than the Sheriff and his men. However, the embassy staff were informed by the landlord's legal representative that diplomatic immunity is not available on commercial transactions like rent payment.

The Embassy was located at:
826 - 830 Government Avenue
Eastwood, Pretoria. 0083
Gauteng - South Africa

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