Haiti School bus Dignite (Diyite)

Haiti School bus Dignite (Diyite)

Dignite is the name of a Haitian school bus company established in 1985. During the last academic year, the company has carried nearly 150,000 students every day in 86 provincial cities and 19 points in Port-au-Prince. Recently, on Tuesday 26th August, 2014, Castro Arboite, the Director of "Dignite" has announced the addition of 50 new buses over its present fleet of 257 buses spread across the ten departments providing free transportation to the school children. This addition of the fleet came as a result of the U.S$ 2 million donation assistance extended by the Government of South Korea on 3rd May 2013, to the Haitian government for purchase of 50 school buses over a period of two years. 'Dignite' has always been consistent to fulfill its mission of bringing students to their teaching places and return homes. Earlier, "Dignite" used to charge monthly fees for carrying students. In 2011, President Martelly decided to make this service free and sanctioned a yearly subsidy of 292 million gourdes to the company for maintaining its fleet for the operation

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